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  1. Hippienezz


    A while ago I started using the My-Zebra theme for my website. Thanks guys, it is great! I use the free version and it looks really nice.

    However, if I want to add a post or page, it takes usally up to an hour to only edit the text. I have to do it manually (with codes per paragraph) as all the lay out functions don't seem to work. I have to add a code per paragraph to make the text bold, outlined etc. And even then quite often the text changes and jumps after publishing so I have to start all over. I had help once from somebody who could change the code on the backend, but I can't use his help everythime I want to post something.

    Also, quite a lot of coded pages are not available and need to be adjusted offline with a certain program. As I'm not an expert, I have no clue how to do this.

    Are there options to change this? Can you help me? My main aim for my website is to post blogs, but as it is such a hussle, I am thinking of changing my theme. I hear from other people how easy Wordpress is, but I think I have chosen quite a difficult theme.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Eline (my website is


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