Tempo is the best blogging WordPress theme

Tempo is a clean white and free WordPress theme mainly focused on blogging websites, that's why we'll improve the visitor's reading experience without showing them additional design elements.

The theme comes with multiple components and a responsive layout. It is suitable for all types of devices. The responsive design is based on twitter bootstrap framework (v – 3.3.5).

We’ve created the product that will help your business look even better

You can decide whether to create your website using limited version or Premium Solution


Tempo Features


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Additional Resources

Demo Export File : Download XML
Documentation : Download PDF


If you happen to face some difficulties with this theme, consider to use our support which is conducted through the myThemes support forum: Tempo Free Support

Updating to version [0.0.41]

In case you are using a new instance it will work perfectly. This applies only to updates from older version to version [0.0.41].

We changed the image sizes for best responsivity and you if you have to recrop images to avoid display issue.
To recrop the images you can use Image Regenerate & Select Crop Plugin and recrop all the sizes.


version 0.0.55 ( October 16, 2018 )

  • Cronus child theme sync features

version 0.0.54 ( October 15, 2018 )

  • Small design improvements

version 0.0.51 ( June 6, 2018 )

  • Small Code Improvements

version 0.0.50 ( May 10, 2018 )

  • Small UX/UI Improvements
  • Small design Improvements

version 0.0.49 ( April 18, 2018 )

  • Customize Improvements
  • Theme FAQ Improvements

version 0.0.48 ( March 26, 2018 )

  • Code Quality Improvements

version 0.0.47 ( February 26, 2018 )

  • Update Fontello Icon fonts
  • Footer Social Improvements
  • Add footer Social items: GitLab and Reddit

version 0.0.46 ( February 19, 2018 )

  • Improvements for Gallery Shortcode

version 0.0.45 ( February 13, 2018 )

  • fix Image Alignment Issue

version 0.0.44 ( February 2, 2018 )

  • Added Option to enable / disable Collapsing Submenu for mobile devices

version 0.0.43 ( September 26, 2017 )

  • Small Design and Code Improvements
  • Sync between Zeon Plugin and Gardener Child Theme

version 0.0.42 ( August 31, 2017 )

  • Small Design and Code Improvements
  • Small UI/UX improvements

version 0.0.41 ( August 2, 2017 )

  • Fixed Header IMAGE size ( srcset )
  • Fixed Responsive Post and Page Featured Images size using <PICTURE>, <SOURCE> and srcset="..." attribute
  • Fixed Responsive Gallery Images size using <PICTURE>, <SOURCE> and srcset="..." attribute
  • Fixed display mode for input type="image"
  • Small UI/UX improvements

version 0.0.38 ( May 17, 2017 )

  • Improvements for Responsive Header Image using srcset="..." attribute
  • Improvements for Responsive Featured Image using srcset="..." attribute
  • fix Headline as Text if Headline URL is null
  • fix Description as Text if Description URL is null

version 0.0.37 ( May 11, 2017 )

  • Responsive Header Image using srcset="..." attribute
  • Responsive Header Image Scaling and Spacing Improvements

version 0.0.21 ( August 29, 2016 )

  • Fixed the search button background color
  • Fixed space for comments subscriptions form elements ( jetpack plugin )
  • Fixed the comments style ( space and border ) for pages

Child Themes

Sarmys is a simple, clean, creative and multipurpose free WordPress theme with a elegant futuristic design and with powerful features. The theme is dedicated for creative startups, photo blogging, grafical designers and many other creative or artistic domains. You can use it for blogging and for showcasing your portfolio as well. Sarmys has a full-width header image, clean futuristic concept and beautifully designed elements.

Sarmys Details Sarmys - Preview Demo

Cronus is a free, clean and Multipurpose WordPress theme with a custom design and with powerful features. The theme is dedicated for small businesses and startups. You can use it for blogging and for showcasing your portfolio as well. Cronus has a full-width header, a widgetized footer and nice social link.

Cronus Details Cronus - Preview Demo

Many Components

There are a lot of different components that will help you to make the perfect combination for your blog.

Responsive Layout

We haven’t forgotten about the responsive layout. With Tempo freemium WordPress theme, you can create a website with full mobile support.

Retina Ready

Tempo freemium WordPress Theme works fine on devices supporting Retina Display. Feel the clarity in each pixel.

Save time and spend less

Tempo freemium WordPress can save you money and time spent on your business ideas for a functional concept.

Perfect for your Website

Tempo freemium WordPress Theme contains the minimum requirements to achieve a professional website: Design, Quality, Support, Translation Ready and many other.

We hope you enjoy Tempo !

It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize. It also comes with free support, because we care about your site !

How we Work !

We provide support, customization and regular updates for our customers.

The Ticket System for Support

Our ticket system allow us to work with each customer. This system allow us to provide individual support for each of our customers.

Direct Contact

Each customer can contact us via our contact form. You can also contact us in case you need a custom solution.

Forum Support

We provide public free support on our website and the forum, for our customers. You can find the Frequently Asked Questions on our forum.


If you need some additional features you can ask us for a customization. We provide free and paid customizations for our customers. If there is a good reason we can include some of the customizations as a new theme feature.


We provide the regular updates for our clients . The updates come with detailed changelog description. News and details about the updates are published on our facebook page and on our website ( item description ).

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