My Lovely Premium WordPress Theme

My Lovely Premium is clean WordPress theme with minimalist design and powerfull features. Theme comes with flat design concept and responsive layout. This theme is suitable for all type of devices. Theme comes with nice design concept and responsive layout. This theme is suitable for all type of devices. Responsive layout is developed with twitter bootstrap framework. (v.2.3.2 ).

My Lovely Premium has tons of awesome features, unlimited sidebars, custom post types, 10 custom widgets, tons of shortcodes, 4 post types, multiple portfolio and blog layout options and it`s translation ready.

We hope you enjoy My Lovely Premium !

It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize. It also comes with free support, we care about your site as much as you do and will do what it takes to help in any way possible.

Creative My Lovely Premium WordPress Theme comes packed with a lot of great features. Check them out!

Premium Features

  • Responsive Layout ( Bootstrap )
  • Powerfull Slideshow
  • Post type Infoboxes
  • Post type Projects
  • Post type Testimonials
  • Automatically Add Video Thumbnails
    • YouTube - thumbnail Extraction
    • Vimeo - thumbnail Extraction
  • Projects Portfolio
  • Custom Front Page
  • Page templates for full width page, portfolio 2, 3 columns page ( + combination from 2 and 3 ).
  • Lots of great shortcodes! You can easily add accordions, tabs, blog posts, portfolio items, etc. on any page you like.
  • Integrated a shortcode manager to help you manage your shortcodes.
  • Unlimited Custom sidebars.
  • Footer Widgets
  • Additional Widgets
  • Flickr
  • Related Posts
  • Post Categories ( use only for single template )
  • Project Categories( for single )
  • Social Media
  • Post and Project Meta ( for single )
  • Embed Shortcodes
  • Search only Projects
  • Testimonials and Newsletter ( google FeedBurner)
  • Gallery Shortcode – stylized
  • Google Map Shortcode
  • Contact Form 7 (plugin) – stylized


If you happen to face some difficulties with this theme, consider to use our support which is conducted through the myThemes support forums:


For those who buy our themes and would need some changes or something more custom we can help, details:

Comments ( 27 )

  1. Universo Pink

    Hello there,

    I was wondering how I can add an extra language option. I was trying to add Portuguese to the settings, but the only option the setting offers is English. Even when I tried to add the WP Native Dashboard, English is the only language option for me. Can you please help?


    Leticia Rosa

  2. mythemes

    This theme is translation ready go to my-lovely-premium/media/languages/how-to-translate.txt here is small guid how translate theme ( also theme options panel ).

  3. Crysta

    Hi - I've tried signing up on 2 different accounts to purchase this premium theme. I've been waiting a few hours now with no validation e-mail, which means I can't buy the theme. Can someone look into this please?

    • rescha

      check the spam/junk in your email-account

  4. LEanne


    If I purchase this, would I be able to change the 'hot' pink menu colours for my own colour scheme?



    Thanks, but I don't have the 'Presentations' in my menu? Not sure where to even start changing the menu colour then

    • Leanne


      My subtitle 'Portrait and WEdding Photographer' only shows up when the mouse hovers over. Please let me know how I can change the colour so that it shows up constantly.


  6. Heather

    Can the leave a reply be removed from the bottom of my pages?

    • mythemes

      Yes, go to edit pages and disable comments. To disable find Meta Box "Discussion" and uncheck all check boxes. If you can't find it then look in top right screen corner you have small tab Screen Options click on this tab and activate this meta box by clicking on discussion checkbox.

  7. tracyisidore

    I just bought this theme and it is not installing?? Says..."no valid plugins were found" when I try to upload the zip file. PLEASE HELP!

    • mythemes

      Try install it like a wordpress theme ! ( this is a theme not plugin )

  8. Jess

    Hi if I buy premium can I change the entire template to white? The black is tacky when i'm uploading all white photos. Let me know!

    • mythemes

      no, you cannot change template to white. You just can buy my contrastica : this theme is like my lovely just is with white template.

  9. DPPSchoenmaker

    Hi there, is it possible to hide the page titles on the pages? I now use a wordpress plugin called hide title, but it just removes the title and leaves a lot of space instead. I want to get rid of this space... You can see what I mean on there's a lot of space above the Google Map... Hope you can help!

  10. worldofest

    Suggest me theme for my festival related website

  11. prayerrug

    I would like to know the best way to upgrade to my lovely theme premium.

  12. prayerrugandcorngoddess

    I have the free version now.

  13. Bmarie


    I am trying to purchase the premium version of the My Lovely theme and it's not allowing me to purchase it. I changed my password twice and it acts like it will let me log on but it doesn't and I can't make the purchase. If I am doing something wrong please advise...I really want to make this purchase asap!!

    Thank you for your help.


    • Bmarie

      Nevermind it was my web browser that didn't allow me to do it.

  14. CTYP

    On the same subject of SSL, I did have to change some code on the my-lovely theme e.g:

    The http: links to (i) google fonts URL in the main style.css and also to http: links to Google analytics code

  15. mondomac

    I’ve had the My lovely premium theme for about 8 months now and then suddenly about 2 months ago, several strange problems started happening when I try to edit a page or a post.

    First – I can’t edit my existing home page which is set up as the Front Page when I hit the “Visual” tab. I’m only able to make changes to the page when I hit the “Text” tab. Most of the time when I hit the “Visual” tab, nothing appears in the body, it’s blank even though I have text, a photo and shortcodes for projects and testimonials. I have to hit the “Text” tab and then keep hitting the “Visual” tab over and over and over again and then maybe on the tenth time I hit the “Visual” tab, the text, photo and shortcodes suddenly appear in the body of the page. But even when it does finally appear, I’m not able to change anything if I’m in the “Visual” tab. I have to hit the “Text” tab to make any changes which isn’t convenient as I don’t know html code so sometimes it’s harder to make changes from within the “Text” tab.

    Same happens when trying to edit a Post – nothing appears in the body when I hit the “Visual” tab. I have to hit the “Text” tab to make changes to the post.

    Also, when I go to edit an existing Post, if I do make a change to text when I’m in the “Text” tab and then hit “update”, it removes my featured image and puts in a phantom blank photo in it’s place. So I have to ‘remove featured image’ and then re-insert the photo that was originally the featured image.

    Any way I can fix these things or will you be releasing bug fixes for these problems?


    • mythemes

      Please try disable all plugins and check again ! If problem persist the contact me through our Contact Form.

    • CTYP

      Hi. I am experiencing these same issues. is there a fix?
      It seems to be an incompatibility with Yoast, as when I switch off Yoast the problem goes away.

      • Serge

        We are sorry but we have ended support and updates for this theme as it easy pretty old. Anyway we do not offer support for third party plugins others than listed in the theme description.

  16. Cedric


    I buy a long time ago your lovely premium theme

    I want to use for a website mais i don't have the update

    I forget my login et password

    Can you help me please ?

    I have the 0.0.8_0 version

    Thanks again


  17. Azmodan

    Sorry for the disturb ^^

    I'm find my old login et password ;)


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