My Contrastica Free Under Construction WordPress Theme

My Contrastica is an elegant, modern and beautiful WordPress theme built with HTML5 and CSS3.The clean, modern design can be used for any type of website: business, corporate, portfolio, products, etc.

We carefully handcrafted this theme with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize. It also comes with free support, we care about your site as much as you do and will do what it takes to help in any way possible.


  • Creative clean design
  • Custom Background images and colors
  • Custom Logo and Favicon
  • Custom Templates
  • Google FeedBurner Newsletter
  • Social media ready
  • Additional Widgets
  • Under Construction Templates
  • HTML Markup

Additional Widgets

Additional widgets: Social Media, Newsletter, Related Posts, Post Meta and Flickr widget.


If you happen to face some difficulties with this theme, consider to use our support which is conducted through the myThemes support forums:


For those who buy our themes and would need some changes or something more custom we can help, details:


  • adapted for PHP < 5.3
  • Fixed admin warnings

Version - 2.0.10

  • fixed : PHP 5.4
  • fixed : Stiky Posts CSS
  • fixed : Comments Password Protected
  • fixed : gallery shortcode
  • fixed : the_excerpt and the_content on blog
  • added : Pingbacks And Trackbacks
  • added : Hide HTML below comments form - option
  • added : Social Link for Instagram
  • added : Social Link for Pinterest

Comments ( 18 )

  1. cat


    I am using version 2.0.8 of this theme (which I love by the way... so thank you) but I would really like more social media options... pinterest and linkedin being the major two that I need... How can I go about getting those up at the top in the same style as the others please?

  2. mythemes

    In December we will have a new version for my-contrastica

  3. cat

    Thank you :)

  4. julie


    Im trying to remove some of the social media links....but cant and they aren't linking. How do I do this? In wordpress thanks

  5. MyGlobe

    More about this ( social items, social links, social options ) :

  6. reattack

    Have you responsives themes?
    In our time without a theme responsive site is a downer sent to visitors, it is not "pro"
    thank you

  7. zahidbd

    finne your theme of my web site

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