Gourmand - WordPress Food, Blog and Business Solutions

Gourmand is clean WordPress Theme with a beautiful responsive design and Powerful Features. Gourmand propose you WordPress Food Solutions with a lot of ready one click Setup Custom Sections and many others Features. Most important is what you not need Code Knowledges to Grow Up your Business or Startup.

Gourmand include most useful WordPress solutions for food and not food business domain and also for blog Writers. All you need to do is just install recommended plugins and follow recommended actions from Admin Dashboard › About Gourmand.

So the Gourmand Solutions are a Better Choice for your website and your choice is greatly appreciated!

Gourmand WordPress Theme, Gourmand Light Plugin, myThemes Wizard and Gourmand PRO Plugin are distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. These WordPress Solutions can be used for unlimited number of websites.

By default Gourmand WordPress Theme not has extra features like Multiple Custom Headers, Social Sharing, Front Page Custom Sections and others. Only with support of plugins Gourmand Light and Gourmand Pro you will enrich Gourmand WordPress Theme with extra features.

So if you use by default Gourmand WordPress Theme and decide to upgrade it with extra features, Light and PRO, you don not need care about your data and current settings because the plugins extend your current version and are well synchronized.


Gourmand WordPress Theme Features

All this features are very user friendly and easy to setup. Gourmand WordPress Theme has minimal features for a Blog:

  • Easy way to Setup ( Wizard Setup )
  • User Friendly Customize Settings
  • Site Icon
  • Custom Logo
  • Business Tools
    • Background Color
    • E-Mail Address
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Enable / disable social links
  • Accent Color
  • Navigation Appearance
    • Website Identity Appearance
    • Menu Appearance
  • Blog - with next settings
    • Word "Article" ( blog counter )
    • Word "Articles" ( blog counter )
    • Display Categories
    • Display Author
    • Display Date / Time
    • Display Comments
    • Display Nr. Views
    • Display Excerpt
  • Single Post - with next settings
    • Display Categories
    • Display Author
    • Display Date / Time
    • Display Comments
    • Display Nr. Views
    • Display Tags
    • Display Author Box
  • Single Page - with next settings
    • Title Alignment
    • Display Comments
    • Display Nr. Views
  • Layouts - layout can be with left sidebar with right sidebar and without sidebar. Exists layouts settings for next WordPress templates:
    • Default Layout
    • Front Page Layout
    • Blog Layout
    • Archives Layout
    • Single Post Layout
    • Single Page Layout
  • Gallery - are available 5 gallery styles:
    • Default
    • Services
    • Features
    • Story
    • Portfolio
  • Additional - with next settings: Gallery Style, Scroll Aside, Scroll to Top, Website Auto Hyphens, Headings Auto Hyphens, Content Auto Hyphens
  • Social Links - exists 30 social links settings
  • Footer - where you can customize:
    • Social Links Size
    • Dark Footer Sidebar ( full customizable )
    • Content Copyright and Copyright Appearance

Gourmand Light Plugin Features

Gourmand Light Plugin extend Gourmand WordPress Theme with many extra Features. Gourmand PRO Plugin is working only together with Gourmand WordPress Theme and any Gourmand Child Themes. Below are described all additional features from Gourmand Light Plugin. So, to enrich your website with extra features we recommend install and activate Gourmand Light Plugin.

Gourmand Light Plugin include All features from Gourmand WordPress Theme and also if customer has some own extra features in a Child Theme or itself developed plugins.

Additional features from Gourmand Light Plugin:

  • Light Logo - if you enable the option "Navigation over Header Banner" ( Header Appearance Options ) then for a better contrast you can upload your Light Logo Version.
  • Additional Navigation Appearance Navigation over Header Banner - if you enable the option "Navigation over Header Banner" ( Header Appearance Options ) then for a better contrast you can Customize the Navigation Elements Appearance:
    • Website Identity Appearance
    • Menu Appearance
  • Custom Header - You can enable / disable the header banner and header elements for next templates: Front Page, Blog, Categories, Tags, Author, Search, Archives, 404, Single Post and Single Page.

    You can customize the header banner appearance with next settings: Navigation type, Header Height ( in percent or pixels ), Background Color, Mask Color and Transparency, Horizontal and Vertical Alignment for header elements.

    Also you can customize Header Elements and elements Appearance: Media ( Image and Video ), Custom Logo, Small Title, Strong Title and Description.

    For each single post and page you can add a custom header with Header Image ( post / page Featured Image ) or Google Map.

  • Front Page Sections - you can overwrite Front Page default content with Custom Sections by enable the setting Custom Sections.

    In Front Page Sections are general Sections Settings and custom sections. All these sections are full customizable and you can easy change the appearance for each section.

    Available Sections:

    • Features
    • About
    • Call Action
    • Services
    • Chef Menu
    • Testimonials
    • Reservation ( Book a Table )
    • Latest News ( latest articles from blog )
    • Contact
  • Social Sharing Links
  • Blog - additional setting Display Social Share
  • Single Post - additional setting Display Social Share
  • Single Page - additional setting Display Social Share. For each page exists additional settings for SubTitle and Description.
  • Comments:
    • WordPress Classic Comments
    • Facebook Comments
    • DISQUS Comments

IMPORTANT: On Setup Gourmand WordPress Theme ( Wizard Setup ) will be automatically generated, good styled, forms for each sections which use one or more.

Gourmand PRO Plugin Features

Gourmand Pro is Premium WordPress Plugin what extend Gourmand WordPress Theme and Gourmand Light Plugin with premium features. I think our customers are patient and understand we can not include all features in a free version.

Gourmand PRO Plugin is working only together with Gourmand WordPress Theme and any Gourmand Child Themes. Below are described all additional features from Gourmand PRO Plugin. So, to enrich your website with Premium Features and benefits of Priority Support and Quality Customizations we recommend Upgrade to PRO.

Gourmand PRO Plugin include All features from Gourmand WordPress Theme, Gourmand Light Plugin and also if customer has some own extra features in a Child Theme or itself developed plugins.

Additional features from Gourmand PRO Plugin:

  • Additional Front Page Sections and additional Section Settings:

    Additional Sections:

    • Daily Dishes Section
    • Delivery Section

    With Gourmand PRO Plugin you can easy change the order of each section. Each section have a special setting to customize the order on the front page.

  • Blog - additional setting Display Source.
  • Single Post - additional settings:
    • Source - url of the website source for each post.
    • Single Post Custom Header with the background video for each post.
    • Custom Layout with custom sidebars for each post.
  • Single Page - additional settings:
    • Hide Title for each page.
    • Alignment - you can choose the alignment for the Title and Additional Elements around of Title for each page.
    • Hide Social Share - This option overwrite general Single Page option Display Social Share from Customizer for each page.
    • Source - url of the website source for each post.
    • Single Post Custom Header with the background video for each post.
    • Custom Layout with custom sidebars for each post.
  • Footer - full control over the copyright section ( content copyright and theme copyright ).

Gourmand PRO Plugin Special Features

Below are described some special features which greatly facilitates interaction with the Gourmand Food Solutions and allow to highlight and give a new elegant look to some important elements of you Business.


Food Menus custom posts, Daily Dishes and Chef Menu Sections

Gourmand PRO Plugin extend Chef Menu and Daily Dishes Sections with 10 Menu Slots. So, you can create by a food menu for each day of week and attache to the sections and automatically for each day of week will be displayed attached Food Menu. Other 3 slots can be used for some special events and different holidays like Christmas, Easter etc.

Gourmand Chef Menu and Daily Dishes - Menu Slots

Each Menu Slot contain special additional settings:

  • Sync the Food Menu by Date or Day
  • Sync and Highlight Columns by Time
Gourmand Chef Menu and Daily Dishes - Menu Slot settings

Gourmand Chef Menu and Daily Dishes highlighted and sync Columns by Time

Gourmand Chef Menu and Daily Dishes highlighted and sync Columns by Time

Food Menu custom post Column Time and Daily Dish Settings

Food Menu</strong> custom post Column Time</strong> and Daily Dish Settings


Delivery Section

For Delivery Section after setup the theme ( Setup Wizard ) and activate the Plugin Gourmand PRO automatically is generated additional 5 Contact Forms ( Contact Form 7 Plugin ) for each form all fields are required to be filed before submit details:

  • Delivery - Section
  • Delivery ( Advanced ) - Section
  • Delivery ( District ) - Section
  • Delivery ( District & Zip Code ) - Section
  • Delivery ( Zip Code ) - Section

Each of these form can be easy used by attach to the form field on Delivery Section just choose which form is perfect for your needs.

You can Upgrade to PRO without any risc of lose any data or settings before and after Setup the theme with Setup Wizard or itself.

Why use a PRO Plugin VS PRO Theme ?

Why not ? What is the problem if we can offer the same Solutions with the Plugin ? What is the difference ? So, the difference exists !

Dear customers we do not try to introduce a new concept or try to invent something new with this idea. In more than 10 years of experience we understand some important things in this domain.

Most important part of our customers become PRO Members after interaction with our free solutions and these customers have spend time and resources to build a business with a free solutions.

The difference between to use a plugin as a premium solution and another theme is:

  • Most part of core Functionality, Features and Design can be updated directly from free version and not need update premium version manually each time.
  • Personal Customizations. If free theme is builded to can be extended with a plugin then customers can itself extend the theme with additional plugins or / and a child theme, free to use or personal, without any risc of lose data and customizations on updates.
  • If we will use free WordPress Theme and another PRO WordPress Theme as solutions for our customers then the customer will be need to switch the theme and with the switch is possible the loose of the settings and data and for most part of our customers that mean lose the time and resources.

So dears customers we propose solutions and allow you to think about your business.

Recommended Plugins

Below is a list of recommended useful plugins. All recommended plugins are absolutely free to use and can be distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

If after install Gourmand WordPress Theme you follow recommended actions then you don't carry about how install and where get these plugins.

myThemes Wizard

This is a Setup Plugin what allow you easy and fast setup your website. And it really does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced in WordPress Domain.

myThemes Wizard - WordPress Setup Tools


Gourmand Light

This plugin extend Gourmand WordPress Theme Core Features with many extra Features and allow you use Front Page Custom Sections instead of default Content

Gourmand Light - extends Gourmand WordPress Theme with extra Features


Contact Form 7

This is a plugin what allow you build custom contact forms. We use the plugin features to build automatically required forms for Front Page Custom Sections ( Delivery, Reservation and Contact ) and also Contact Page Form.

Contact Form 7 Plugin


Easy Google Fonts

In our theme by default we use 3 beautiful Google Fonts: Montez, Quicksand and Open Sans.

Easy Google Fonts

Montez - font is used for website Title and Sections Titles.

Quicksand - font is used for Headline h1 .. h6 and Header to, Sections Subtitles, Pages Titles, Post Titles other Small Elements with Titles.

Open Sans - font is used for rest of Typography Elements.

With Plugin Easy Google Fonts you can easy and fast overwrite all these fonts.

We recommend don't change the font size because Easy Google Fonts don't use responsive font size.

Loco Translate

Loco Translate Plugin is a good free tool what will help you translate easy and fast your website in your favorite language.

Loco Translate



Here you will found short details about Terms of Use, Support, Interactions and Other Services and Details.

License & Terms of Use

Terms of use for the Gourmand WordPress Theme, Gourmand Light Plugin and Gourmand PRO, Copyright 2017 myThem.es.

Gourmand WordPress Theme, Gourmand Light Plugin and Gourmand PRO are distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE ( GPL 2 License ). All these solutions can be used for unlimited number of websites.


Dears customers we want inform you about our support terms and conditions. We provide support just on our official website through our Forum Community or Contact Form ( integrated with a ticket system ). Sorry but we cant follow all social channels and in some of cases social channels are not ready to do professional support.

Priority Support is dedicated just for our PRO Customers. For other type of customers we provide support just if we have time to do that.


This service is dedicated just for our PRO Customers. We can provide small customizations only if requested customizations are possible to be integrated with our theme. We reserv the right to decide what is possible to be integrated or not.

Feedback & Bug Report

Thank you for choosing myThem.es and use one of our WordPress Themes your choice is greatly appreciated!

We strive to be the best in this field. Please, help us to increase the theme and plugins quality. You can reporting the bugs and giving us the suggestions - Contact US.

Discussion & Comments

Here you can put your Appreciations and also fast questions ( not technical ). Also you can rank our WordPress theme on wordpress.org. Please not put here question what contain something like how to ... or how I can .. or what is need to change ....

Community & Forum

Support with Technical Details. Here you can ask all you need without limits. Please remember Professional Support is Dedicated just for our premium customers. If you use our free solutions and need fast and professional help with customizations and integrations you need become one of our premium customer.

Translate the Theme ( Localization )

The theme is Translation Ready but not contain the translated files for each language.

So, you can translate the theme in your favorite language. We can suggest Loco Translate Plugin. This is a good free tool what will help you translate easy and fast your website in your favorit language. More details about Localization you can find here.

Customizations with Custom CSS

WordPress comes with a special option what allow customize your website with your own CSS code. To use it go to Admin Dashboard: Appearance › Customize › Additional CSS.

You can use it for multiple cases, just is need to add your custom CSS code.

Refund Policy

We offer refunds to any unsatisfied customer up to thirty (30) days after the purchase was made. If you would like your money back, simply send us an email at refund-2018@mythem.es with a description of your problem and request for a refund.

We’ve created the product that will help your business look even better

You can decide whether to create your site using sample version or Go PRO

Gourmand - Food WordPress Solutions


Activate premium features and get extended core functionality without the risk of loosing any data or settings.


Price is in US dollars.

If you use sample version and this is a good solution for you and you want and can help us, you can donate here - PayPal Donate Link.


version 0.0.17 (October 31, 2018)

  • Fixed header tools - email url theme mod key
  • Fixed header tools - address url theme mod key

version 0.0.16 (October 23, 2018)

  • Design Improvements for Testimonials Pagination
  • Design Improvements for Services
  • Services with Masonry
  • Added Services Imager Size
  • Fixed Install Plugins Bug

version 0.0.14 (July 19, 2018)

  • Design Improvements for Social share on small devices
  • Design Improvements for Call Action Section
  • Design Improvemend for About Page ( Admin Dashboard )

version 0.0.13 (July 18, 2018)

  • Design Improvements for Footer Small Social Items
  • Added other small Design Improvements

version 0.0.12 (July 6, 2018)

  • Add Footer widgets with 1 - 6 columns
  • Add Footer widgets Fix and Fluid Width
  • Fix the Header Bug

version 0.0.11 (July 4, 2018)

  • Header Design Improvements ( remove bottom border if exists header )
  • Footer Social Links ( small ) Design Improvements ( background color and space )

version 0.0.10 (July 2, 2018)

  • sanitize and escaped all data and fixed most part of warnings ( Theme Sniffer Plugin )
  • fixed all errors ( Theme Sniffer Plugin )
  • move the gourmand-dishes.php in the plugins

version 0.0.9 (June 29, 2018)

  • sanitize and escaped all data and fixed most part of warnings ( Theme Sniffer Plugin )
  • fixed all errors ( Theme Sniffer Plugin )
  • move the gourmand-dishes.php in the plugins

version 0.0.8 (June 27, 2018)

  • readme.txt Improvements
  • replace the non GPL Compatible images with images licensed under CC0
  • Improvements for Customizer › Front Page ( Content ) › Call Action Section

version 0.0.7 (June 21, 2018)

  • Setup Improvements
  • User interaction Improvements
  • Improvements for Customizer › Front Page ( Content ) › Call Action Section

version 0.0.6 (June 20, 2018)

  • Setup Improvements
  • Add new settings: Tools › Background Color
  • Add new settings: Blog › Article Word
  • Search Improvements
  • Improvements for Customizer › Front Page ( Content ) › Call Action Section
  • Improvements for Customizer › Front Page ( Content ) › Features Section
  • Improvements for Customizer › Header
  • Improvements for Template - About Section
  • Improvements for Template - Call Action Section
  • Improvements for Template - Services Section
  • Improvements for Template - Testimonial Section
  • Improvements for Template - Header Singular

version 0.0.5 (June 13, 2018)

  • Improvements for Customizer custom Uploader Settings
  • Improvements for Customizer › Front Page ( Content ) › Call Action Section
  • Improvements for Footer Sidebar Design
  • Added Url and Target Options for Customizer › Front Page ( Content ) › Services Section
  • Added Options in Customizer › Footer › Dark Sidebar

version 0.0.4 (June 12, 2018)

  • Added Custom Layouts for each Page and Post
  • Gourmand Light and Gourmand PRO - Added Support for Child Themes
  • Improvements - About Gourmand admin page and Customizer
  • Improvements - About Section

version 0.0.3 (June 6, 2018)

  • Added Footer Dark Sidebars
  • Added Support for Custom Comments ( WP Classic, Facebook and DISQUS )

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