Gardener - Premium Small Business Solution

Gardener Pro is a small business solution with wide resolution touch looking nice on both large, wide screens and small or mobile devices. The header business tools section makes information about the company easily noticeable.

The theme is designed for individual gardeners, gardener services providers like landscaping services or garden custom works, hiring gardeners, public garden presentation sites. It has a full-width header image, clean futuristic concept and beautifully designed elements.

Gardener is the perfect solution for your website. The clean design and styled html components will help you to make the perfect match for your blog or startup project.


Gardener WordPress Solution Features


Additional Resources

If you have specific questions, it would be better to first consult the documentation.

Demo Export File : Download XML
Documentation : Download PDF


Here you will found short details about Terms of Use, Support, Interactions and Other Services and Details.

License & Terms of Use

Terms of use for the Gardener Premium, Copyright 2016

Gardener Premium is distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE ( GPL 2 License ). All these solutions can be used for unlimited number of websites.


Dears customers we want inform you about our support terms and conditions. We provide support just on our official website through our Forum Community or Contact Form ( integrated with a ticket system ). Sorry but we cant follow all social channels and in some of cases social channels are not ready to do professional support.

Priority Support is dedicated just for our PRO Customers. For other type of customers we provide support just if we have time to do that.


This service is dedicated just for our PRO Customers. We can provide small customizations only if requested customizations are possible to be integrated with our theme. We reserv the right to decide what is possible to be integrated or not.

Feedback & Bug Report

Thank you for choosing and use one of our WordPress Themes your choice is greatly appreciated!

We strive to be the best in this field. Please, help us to increase the theme quality. You can reporting the bugs and giving us the suggestions: Contact US

Discussion & Comments

Here you can put your Appreciations and also fast questions ( not technical ). Also you can rank our WordPress theme on Please not put here question what contain something like "how to ..." or "how I can .. " or "what is need to change ...".

Community & Forum

Support with Technical Details. Here you can ask all you need without limits. Please remember Professional Support is Dedicated just for our premium customers. If you use our free solutions and need fast and professional help with customizations and integrations you need become one of our premium customer.

Translate the Theme ( Localization )

The theme is Translation Ready but not contain the translated files for each language.

So, you can translate the theme in your favorite language. We can suggest Loco Translate Plugin. This is a good free tool what will help you translate easy and fast your website in your favorit language. More details about Localization you can find here.

Customizations with Custom CSS

WordPress comes with a special option what allow customize your website with your own CSS code. To use it go to Admin Dashboard: Appearance › Customize › Additional CSS.

You can use it for multiple cases, just is need to add your custom CSS code.

Refund Policy

We offer refunds to any unsatisfied customer up to thirty (30) days after the purchase was made. If you would like your money back, simply send us an email at [email protected] with a description of your problem and request for a refund.

We’ve created the product that will help your business look even better

You can decide whether to create your site using sample version or Go PRO


Activate premium features and get extended core functionality without the risk of loosing any data or settings.

Price is in US dollars.

Updating to version [0.0.14 + 0.0.27]

In case you are using a new instance it will work perfectly. This applies only to updates from older version to version [0.0.14 + 0.0.27].

We changed the image sizes for best responsivity and you if you have to recrop images to avoid display issue.
To recrop the images you can use Image Regenerate & Select Crop Plugin and recrop all the sizes.


version 0.0.28 + 0.0.40 ( October 13, 2018 )

  • WooCommerce Update
  • Added Dynamic Pricing ( sale different quantity with different price with support of woocommerce dynamic pricing master plugin )
  • Added Price Per Unit ( if product is a 10 meter reel the you can display the price for one meter )
  • Added Shipping Message options
  • Added Return Message options
  • Added Warranty Message options
  • Added Advice Text and Phone Number options

version 0.0.27 + 0.0.39 ( August 20, 2018 )

  • Security Update

version 0.0.25 + 0.0.38 ( May 10, 2018 )

  • Small UX/UI Improvements
  • Small design Improvements

version 0.0.24 + 0.0.38 ( April 18, 2018 )

  • Theme FAQ small Improvements

version 0.0.23 + 0.0.37 ( March 26, 2018 )

  • Code Quality Improvements
  • Update WooCommerce Templates

version 0.0.22 + 0.0.36 ( March 2, 2018 )

  • add feature display product category image ( on header ) instead of default header image
  • add footer social items: GitLab and Reddit

version 0.0.21 + 0.0.35 ( February 22, 2018 )

version 0.0.21 + 0.0.34 ( February 3, 2018 )

  • Fixedthe bug with WooCommerce Product Layout

version 0.0.20 + 0.0.33 ( February 2, 2018 )

  • Added Option to enable / disable Collapsing Submenu for mobile devices

version 0.0.19 + 0.0.32 ( October 10, 2017 )

  • Fixed the bug when Highlighting the searched words
  • Fixed pagination color for WooCommerce products
  • Fixed the bug with product default sidebar and blog default sidebar
  • Fixed design appearance for SELECT (Form Element)

version 0.0.17 + 0.0.31 ( October 2, 2017 )

  • Fixed DISQUS COMMENTS COUNTER bug on Blog and Archives
  • Fixed PHP Version bug compatibility
  • Added Header "Get a Quote" to Header Topper Menu ( Customize > Header Tools )
  • Added Header Third Button

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