Cannyon - Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Cannyon Premium is a clean white and Multipurpose WordPress theme with a custom design and with powerful features. The theme comes with a multiple components and a responsive layout. This theme is suitable for all type of devices. The responsive design is based on twitter bootstrap framework (v – 3.3.1).


We carefully handcrafted this theme with a strong focus on typography, usability and an overall user­experience. It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize. It also comes with free support.

Cannyon Premium has tons of awesome features, unlimited sidebars, custom post types, custom widgets, a ton of shortcodes, multiple portfolios and blog layout options and it`s translation ready.


Many Components

There are a lot of different components that will help you to make the perfect match for a startup project with Cannyon Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

Block Model

With Cannyon Multifunctional WordPress premium theme you can easily combine components in a variety of ways for different design projects. It’s easy!

Responsive Layout

We haven’t forgotten about the responsive layout. With Cannyon Multifunctional Premium WordPress theme, you can create a website with full mobile support.

Retina Ready

Cannyon Multifunctional Premium WordPress Theme works fine on devices supporting Retina Display. Feel the clarity in each pixel.

Save time and spend less

Cannyon Multipurpose Premium WordPress can save you money and time spent on your business on ideas for a functional concept.

Perfect for your Website

Cannyon Premium Multipurpose WordPress Theme contains the minimum required to achieve a professional website: Design, Quality, Premium Features, Support, Documentation, Export File, Translation Ready.

Also this theme contains all you need to arrange your content in the most original way: Responsive & Multipurpose, Unlimited Shortcodes, Fast and Useful, Full Customization, Flexible Layouts.

We hope you enjoy Cannyon Premium !

It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize. It also comes with free support, because we care about your site !

How we Work !

For the our customers we provide support, customizations and regular updates.

The Ticket System for Support

Our ticket system allow us to work with each customer. This system allow us to provide individual support to our customers.

Direct Contact

Each customer can contact us via our contact form.Also you can contact us if you need some custom solution or if you have pre sale questions.

Forum Support

On our website, on the forum, we provide public free support for our customers. On our forum you can find the Frequently Asked Questions.


If you need some additional features you can ask us for a customizations. For our customers we provide free and paid customizations. If exists good reason we can include some of the customizations as a new theme features.


For our clients we provide the regular updates. The updates come with detailed changelog description. News and details about the updates ar published on our facebook page and on the our website ( item description ).

see the screenshot below:

Post, Page and Custom Posts. The features are marked with the Pink Border:

cannyon / screenshots / edit features
cannyon / screenshots / edit page
cannyon / screenshots / edit post custom header
cannyon / screenshots / edit post with video slideshow
cannyon / screenshots / edit testimonials

Shortcode Manager:
cannyon / screenshots / shortcode manager Settings ( here are advanced settings ):
cannyon / screenshots / › General
cannyon / screenshots / › Header
cannyon / screenshots / › Blog
cannyon / screenshots / › Layouts
cannyon / screenshots / › Social
cannyon / screenshots / › Footer
cannyon / screenshots / › Others


  • Premium Support
  • Responsive layout - ( Bootstrap - v 3.3.1 )
  • Custom Layouts
    • Custom Content Length
    • Custom Sidebars Length
    • Support for WooSidebars
  • Full support for multilanguages – plugin qTranslate-X
  • Video on Header ( youtube url )
  • Full Custom Header
  • Full Custom Footer
  • 8 Blog Views ( 4 grid views & 4 Classic Views ) + custom Page Template for Blog
  • Custom colors
  • Quick Contact Info
  • Custom breadcrumbs settings
  • Scrollable header menu
  • Comments
    • WordPress Classic
    • Facebook
    • Disqus
  • General Header settings
  • Single post Header settings ( each post )
  • Single page Header settings ( each page )
  • Single portfolio Header settings ( each portfolio )
  • Related Posts ( by Tags or Categories )
  • Custom Front Page
  • Front Page layout
  • General layout settings
  • Posts layout settings
  • Single post layout settings ( each post )
  • Page layout settings
  • Single page layout settings ( each page )
  • Sidebar builder ( build unlimited number of sidebars )
  • Social settings
  • Footer background image
  • Footer background color
  • Footer link and text colors
  • Footer copyright settings
  • Footer credit link settings
  • Footer Custom Menu
  • Custom CSS
  • Additional JavaScript settings
  • Exclude pages / posts / features / testimonials from the search results
  • Exclude pages / posts / features / testimonials from the RSS Feed
  • External URL for each post / page
  • Video thumbnail extractor – YouTube & Vimeo for the each post
  • Post slideshow instead of thumbnail
  • 2 Addvertising section ( before content and after content ) for the each post
  • Custom post Testimonials
  • Custom post Features
  • Additional Widgets ( 9 widgets )
  • Lots of great shortcodes: Timeline List, Sample List, Custom Buttons, Alert Messages, Notify Messages, Message Box ( with buttons ), Dropcaps, Columns, Icons ( over 2000 fontello icons ), Gallery ( with 1 .. 9 columns ), Testimonials, Features ( small list and Big ), Posts List, Posts Grid, Full Content Block, Boxed Content Block and Google Map. Theme contain the shortcode manager to help you.
  • Gallery special Effects ( 5 effects )
  • jetpack widgets [styled]
  • jetpack related posts [styled]
  • jetpack post numbers of views
  • Contact Form 7 [styled]

Additional Resources

Demo Export File : Download XML
Install Theme : Download PDF
Useful Topic Forum: Build Sections with Shortcodes


Here you will found short details about Terms of Use, Support, Interactions and Other Services and Details.

License & Terms of Use

Terms of use for the Cannyon Premium, Copyright 2015

Cannyon Premium is distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE ( GPL 2 License ). All these solutions can be used for unlimited number of websites.


Dears customers we want inform you about our support terms and conditions. We provide support just on our official website through our Forum Community or Contact Form ( integrated with a ticket system ). Sorry but we cant follow all social channels and in some of cases social channels are not ready to do professional support.

Priority Support is dedicated just for our PRO Customers. For other type of customers we provide support just if we have time to do that.


This service is dedicated just for our PRO Customers. We can provide small customizations only if requested customizations are possible to be integrated with our theme. We reserv the right to decide what is possible to be integrated or not.

Feedback & Bug Report

Thank you for choosing and use one of our WordPress Themes your choice is greatly appreciated!

We strive to be the best in this field. Please, help us to increase the theme quality. You can reporting the bugs and giving us the suggestions: Contact US

Discussion & Comments

Here you can put your Appreciations and also fast questions ( not technical ). Also you can rank our WordPress theme on Please not put here question what contain something like "how to ..." or "how I can .. " or "what is need to change ...".

Community & Forum

Support with Technical Details. Here you can ask all you need without limits. Please remember Professional Support is Dedicated just for our premium customers. If you use our free solutions and need fast and professional help with customizations and integrations you need become one of our premium customer.

Translate the Theme ( Localization )

The theme is Translation Ready but not contain the translated files for each language.

So, you can translate the theme in your favorite language. We can suggest Loco Translate Plugin. This is a good free tool what will help you translate easy and fast your website in your favorit language. More details about Localization you can find here.

Customizations with Custom CSS

WordPress comes with a special option what allow customize your website with your own CSS code. To use it go to Admin Dashboard: Appearance › Customize › Additional CSS.

You can use it for multiple cases, just is need to add your custom CSS code.

Refund Policy

We offer refunds to any unsatisfied customer up to thirty (30) days after the purchase was made. If you would like your money back, simply send us an email at [email protected] with a description of your problem and request for a refund.

Price is in US dollars.


version 0.0.31 ( June 6, 2019 )

  • Added Custom Header Image and Video ( YouTube ) for each page and post ( on Edit Page or Post › Tab Header › Use Custom Header )
  • Added Design Improvements

version 0.0.30 ( June 9, 2018 )

  • fix admin dashboard layout link for front page

version 0.0.29 ( April 16, 2018 )

  • fix masonry effect for the front page header sidebars

version 0.0.28 ( February 8, 2018 )

  • Shortcode php Code Improvements
  • Shortcode css Improvements
  • Others php Code Improvements
  • Fixed small Bugs

version 0.0.27 ( February 2, 2018 )

  • Added Masonry to Front Page Header Sidebar
  • Added Masonry to Footer Sidebar

version 0.0.26 ( January 21, 2018 )

  • Improvements for scrollable menu
  • Improvements Grid View
  • Improvements Admin Dashboard UI/UX

version 0.0.25 ( April 5, 2017 )

  • fixed the bug with enable / disable Header on Blog Page
  • fixed the Shortcode bug [icon type="heart-1" .. ] use new version: [icon type="mythemes-icon-heart-1" .. ]
  • fixed the Shortcode bug with scripts includes [gmap .. ]

version 0.0.23 ( February 7, 2017 )

  • moved the options from › Header › Content in to Appearance › Customize › Header Elements - Headline and Description
  • fixed some option bugs ( default values, validation )
  • fixed Headline and Description issues with the apostrophe

version 0.0.22 ( October 27, 2016 )

  • fixed the differences and adjusted the php 7 compatibility

version 0.0.21 ( August 30, 2016 )

  • changed the Language Portable Object Template directory ( cannyon_/languages )
  • Admin Panel css small fix ( layout selector )
  • Changed the theme tags
  • Adjusted the header size to 2560 x 1440 ( header image max size )

version 0.0.20 ( December 1, 2015 )

  • Fixed - title attribute for posts links
  • Added one full width sidebar on the Header Front Page
  • Added option for the header Front Page Sidebar Space ( before and after ).
  • Added option for the header template. Now you can range the header elements: Menu, Header Image and Tools Menu

version 0.0.19 ( November 29, 2015 )

  • Header image improvements ( crop image on upload )
  • Added option - custom height for grid thumbnail
  • Added option - custom height for classic thumbnail

version 0.0.17 ( November 29, 2015 )

  • Header image improvements
  • Fixed bug - crop header image
  • Fixed bug - blog classic view post content format

version 0.0.15 ( November 18, 2015 )

  • Header image improvements ( Parallax Scene, Parallax, Header Covered Image, Screen Covered Image )
  • Fixed bug - header buttons vertical alignment
  • Fixed bug - enable / disable related posts
  • Fixed bug - stop play video and background sound
  • Fixed bug - hide the label end ot the story if is empty
  • Added option to enable / disable thumbnail permalink ( link to single post )

version 0.0.14 ( October 30, 2015 )

  • Replaced the Header Image Parallax Effect and Content Shortcode Parallax Effect with Covered Image and Background Attachment - fixed
  • Fixed max height for header image equal to screen height.
  • Replaced fontello icons to latest version and added mythemes prefix to icons class.
  • Fixed scroll menu on small devices is disabled ( can't be enable only for small devices )
  • Added special option to enable the social items under submenu ( wp-admin: Appearance > Customize > Contact Info & Languages - Display social items )

version 0.0.13 ( October 23, 2015 )

  • Fixed the the Google Maps on Small devices
  • Added the special option for additional image. The image is display instead of video if the video cannot be embedded.

version 0.0.11 ( October 20, 2015 )

  • Fixed the header Image and Content Shortcode ( correctly fitting the image height and width )
  • Fixed the header video ( play video full screen )
  • Fixed the header video on small device ( show the header image from customizer )
  • Fixed the small CSS issues
  • Fixed the small php issues
  • Fixed the default content for shortcode counter scroll
  • Added the option to align vertical the buttons ( middle / bottom )
  • Added the option vertical Buttons Space ( top / bottom )

version 0.0.10 ( October 6, 2015 )

  • Fixed header Header ( correctly fitting the height and the width )
  • Fixed flickr widget ID
  • Fixed small CSS issues
  • Fixed small php issues
  • Improvements for WP Customizer Topper Menu ( Colors )
  • Added option to disable default google fonts ( fonts will look like in free version 0.0.3 )
  • Added support for google fonts ( plugin Easy Google Fonts )

version 0.0.9 ( October 2, 2015 )

  • Fixed WP Customize errors
  • Fixed Custom CSS field
  • Improvements for WP Customizer Topper Menu ( Colors )
  • Improvements for WP Customizer Quick Conatc Details ( Colors )
  • Move logo to Appearance › WP Customize › Site Identity
  • Move favicon to Appearance › WP Customize › Site Identity
  • Added option to Disable Site Title
  • Added option to disable Tagline
  • Added margin top for Site Title
  • Added margin top for Tagline
  • Added margin top for Menu
  • Added options for Menu first Highlight Color ( Appearance › WP Customize › Topper Menu › First Highlight )
  • Added options for Menu second Highlight Color Appearance › WP Customize › Topper Menu › Second Highlight
  • Added option to disable / enable Google Fonts ( the theme will look like in first free version )
  • Added options for shortcode content and Header Image effect ( static image / parallax / parallax scene ) ( › Header )
  • Added additional sharing buttons ( for sharing tooltip widow ): reddit. linkedin, thumbler ( will be customizable in next version )
  • Added option to hide zoom on blog thumbnail and single thumbnail ( › Blog )
  • Added full synchronization with free version ( if switch the theme you not lose data and options )
  • Added full synchronization with old premium version ( if switch the theme you not lose data and options )

Comments ( 241 )

  1. sarukajipa

    I want to buy the theme Cannyon - Premium Multipurpose but I can´t.
    Can you help me?

  2. brent

    can't get past the captchas when trying to view a live demo.

  3. Paul

    Impossible to buy the Cannyon Premium theme - clicking the purchase button it keeps loading the same page - Is the theme discontinued?

    • mythemes

      To purchase the theme Is needed to be logged in !

  4. BAHbKA

    Just bought it via paypal, ty

  5. dallaslu

    How to use the shortcode gallay? BTW, in edior, the code of 'counter' contains wrong word 'column'.

    • mythemes

      1. You can use gallery like normal gallery from wordpress but we have one additional attribute mythemes_style. You can set this attribute from right panel latest option ( on edit gallery )

  6. marionet

    Hello, I've got a problem with Flickr Gallery widget, I entered my ID from but it's not working because there is such an error: "The Flickr ID is invalid !"

    I'm sure for the ID is correct.
    Please help me, regards.

    • mythemes

      Please, can you contact me via our contact form ? I want debug this but I need more details about !

      • marionet

        I sent a ticket to you

  7. BAHbKA

    Can u pls tell me how to update the theme to 0.0.9

    • mythemes

      To update the new version is need to do next:

      1. Download new version from your account on our Marketplace
      2. Remove old version from you website
      3. Activate Free version
      4. Install new version
      5. Activate Premium Version

      ONLY FOR WORDPRESS MULTISITE: if you has WordPress multisite is need to switch the theme. On switch theme will read and synchronize the old and new options.

  8. [email protected]

    hi, I need some help with the Cannyon_ premium theme.

    if you look at my website and you see the header image - if you resize your browser the image currently squashes and does not retain its relativity. i am a novice with wordpress and know nothing about css or the "editor". can anyone advise me what i need to do to sort out this minor problem as its very annoying :)

    john cooper | [email protected]

    • mythemes

      Try new Version 0.0.10

      version 0.0.10 ( October 6, 2015 )

      - fixed header Header ( correctly fitting the height and the width )
      - fixed small CSS issues
      - fixed small php issues
      - improvements for WP Customizer Topper Menu ( Colors )
      - added option to disable default google fonts ( fonts will look like in free version 0.0.3 )
      - added support for google fonts ( plugin Easy Google Fonts )

  9. [email protected]

    another small ask...

    in > header > content > is there any way the developer could add an option to include a logo (jpeg or similar) as the headline on header too?

    currently i have had to photoshop my logo onto all my header images rather than having a seperate logo which would then parallax nicely.

    thanks, John

  10. [email protected]

    Cannyon - Premium -> Scroll counter

    The label and Description does not work?

    • mythemes

      I want debug this can you give me a url to your website !

      • Asger

        • mythemes

          Please contact from our contact form.
          I need admin access to your website. You have broken content.

  11. siamconexus

    Hi, I've just purchased the premium version. But how can I make edit the content like Copyright etc. on my site? Please advise, thank you.

    • siamconexus

      Hi Support Team, I found it. Thank you :-)

  12. Prebb

    Wondering how or if WooCommerce is supported will be in future release? Using free template right now and it is not supported.

    • mythemes

      Now the theme ( free and premium ) not has support for the WooCommerce Plugin !

  13. KentaSims

    For some reason when I add a featured Youtube video there will be the audio from the video playing in the background even when the video is paused. How can I fix this? Kind of annoying hearing the audio twice.

    • mythemes

      Thank you for the bug report I'll fix this in the next version !

  14. 00Odette

    How do I change from the free version to the premium? I have bought it.

  15. [email protected]

    What is new in 0.0.16 vs 0.0.15 ?

    • mythemes

      In 0.0.16 exists some little fixes on the header image !

  16. Artan


    If I decide the Premium version, can I have more menu position (for the top menu) and logo also ? For example, I will like to put the top menu, and logo, on header or under header.

    • mythemes

      Yes you can to do this with latest version 0.0.20.

      From Advanced Settings:
      Admin Dashboard > > Header

      first option "Header Template"

  17. [email protected]

    Where can I find the documentation for Cannyon?

    • mythemes

      Im sorry but the documentation is not ready. If you have some questions please ask me !

  18. bapinkston

    I just bought the Canyon Theme and have Worpress Hosting through GoDaddy without SSH access. When I try to install the theme through the Wordpress interface it fails saying the directory already exists.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • mythemes

      Please, contact me from our contact form.
      For debugging I need admin access to your website.

  19. kano692

    This is a great theme! I only wish it could work with woocommerce plugin. Sure hope this is an added feature in a future update.

    • mythemes

      Sorry but our premium WordPress theme Cannyon not has support for Woo Commerce Plugin.

  20. korgzero

    I'm using the free version and it's really cool.
    One thing: I've set the background as black solid and I've changed font color in style.css. I'm able to set the color "white" for headings (h1, h2, h3, ecc.), but if I set "p" as white for the normal text, the color doesn't change.
    What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you!

    • mythemes

      try use this code:

      .hentry, .hentry p, article p{
      color: red;

  21. korgzero

    Yesss!! Thank you!

  22. AndrewP

    I so much want to buy this theme, but I have no idea how to upload it. I watched the video provided, but it was WAY over my head with the techie stuff. Is there an "upload this theme for techie dummies" video or tutorial available?

    • leannek

      Hi Andrew,
      I am no techie but if you are using wordpress the upload of a theme is very easy. If you're logged in and on your dashboard you go to Appearance, themes, add new and upload theme. If you bought it you should have a zip file somewhere saved on your computer. Just choose that and you're all set.
      Hope I understood correctly?

  23. Aline

    Hi, I would like to know if in the FREE version there is a way to change the header color? My logo is quite dark and applied on black bar, it is not working. Can you help me?

    • mythemes

      You can change the header color just by using custom css. By default not exists special option to do this.

  24. leannek

    I am using contact form 7 and the background on our site is black. I am a newbie to html but as far as I could see I cannot edit the style sheet of the theme for the contact form 7 to be either transparent or black (same as the background color of the site). Currently it is white but we want to change it so the text and lines are white and the background black. Is this possible? I know there is a plugin to change the style of contact form 7 which worked really well except for the background color which is fixed (I therefore assume the template forces it to be white?). Here is a link to the site:

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    • mythemes

      Try use this custom css:

      section.col-lg-12 div.mythemes-page form{
      padding-top: 1px;
      background-color: transparent;

      .wpcf7-form p input, .wpcf7-form p textarea{
      background-color: rgba( 255, 255, 255, 0.3 );

  25. LibbyGowanus

    I have Cannyon Premium and when I try to g to work on the Front Page settings through the mythemes page, I get the message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    • mtomczuk

      This is a known bug - I have the same issue

      • mythemes

        I think you try access link " › Front Page - section "Layout" →" and you see message like:

        You attempted to access the "Cannyon" dashboard, but you do not currently have privileges on this site. If you believe you should be able to access the "Cannyon" dashboard, please contact your network administrator.

        In one of previous update the Front Page Layout options was moved in Section Layout from Tab ( > Layout - Section "Front Page Layout")

        I apologize for confusion. I will modify the link in the next version

    • mythemes

      I think you try access link " › Front Page - section "Layout" →" and you see message like:

      You attempted to access the "Cannyon" dashboard, but you do not currently have privileges on this site. If you believe you should be able to access the "Cannyon" dashboard, please contact your network administrator.

      In one of previous update the Front Page Layout options was moved in Section Layout from Tab ( > Layout - Section "Front Page Layout")

      I apologize for confusion. I will modify the link in the next version

  26. LibbyGowanus

    Also, there is no "Front Page" in the mythemes section for me at all.

    • mythemes

      please contact us through our contact form !

      this problem require admin debugging. For this is need to provide admin access to your website !

  27. [email protected]

    Can you please help me make the width of the layout a little more narrow, right now it is too wide. Thank you

    • mythemes

      Please contact us through our contact form. Also please fill the form with all required data to can help you in the best way.

  28. Dale

    We would like to change the fontello icon rendered from a [list_item] shortcode. Please could you let us know how this is possible?

    For example, we would like this to render <li class="mythemes-icon-null" instead of <li class="mythemes-icon-ok"

    Also, is there a full documentation site?

    Many thanks,

  29. Jamesgangcreative

    Couple questions: Just discovered this theme and I like it a lot. However, on your "Live Demo" you show jumps in the header blocks. (learn more). Is this just something in the premium or can these be added in the Free version? I the free version there are blocks at the footer and when I hover over them I get a "shift-click to edit" but nothing happens. Is this a Mac thing, A Windows thing or a glitch? (I'm on a Mac). Also, is having the ability to actually rename URLs in those footers a premium only thing? Or, can that happen in the Free version. I'm asking because I don't want to purchase something then discover it's not right for me. Thank you so much. So far so good.

    • mythemes

      on your "Live Demo" you show jumps in the header blocks.

      Actually I can't understand this question please can you formulate the question in other way.

      I the free version there are blocks at the footer and when I hover over them I get a "shift-click to edit" but nothing happens.

      The free version comes with some default content. You can disable the default content from Admin Dashboard › Appearance › Customize › Additional - option " Display default content".

      Also, is having the ability to actually rename URLs in those footers a premium only thing? Or, can that happen in the Free version.

      So, if you mean social items then you can change all social items URL's from Admin Dashboard › Appearance › Social ( free and premium )

      But, if you mean the copyright section then you can change just first section of the copyright ( free version ). With premium you have full control over the copyright sections.

  30. Jamesgangcreative

    One other question: What determines the navigation at the top? I cannot figure out why five pages that are on my site show up there. By date? Parent?

    • mythemes

      So, the header menu is builded from you latest pages. Also you can build your own menu from Admin Dashboard › Appearance › Menu.

  31. Jamesgangcreative

    Sorry... in your LIVE DEMO, where you have the text blocks, under "Many Components" and "Block Models," for example, you have "READ MORE" Is the ability to add these a premium only item?

    I figured out by creating a custom menu I could change the header menu. With premium, there are more menus I can add, correct?

    Yes, the social items. I can add https://twitteretc but I want to just have the Twitter address as a link to the URL, not the URL. Is that a premium only?

    • mythemes

      in your LIVE DEMO, where you have the text blocks, under "Many Components" and "Block Models," for example, you have "READ MORE" Is the ability to add these a premium only item?

      Yes, in the premium version exists a special custom post named feature and for this custom post you can set a Title, a Description, an URL, a Label and an Icon. In free version you can use some alternative like the text widget but you can not set an Icon and URL.

      I figured out by creating a custom menu I could change the header menu. With premium, there are more menus I can add, correct?

      In the premium version you can use the Header Menu and the Footer Menu.

      Yes, the social items. I can add https://twitteretc but I want to just have the Twitter address as a link to the URL, not the URL. Is that a premium only?

      You can use the text widget for this and insert the html in the widget content ( available in the free and premium version ).

  32. onderxyilmaz

    Hi there,

    I want to buy this theme. I select "Pay with debit or credit card" but it's open paypal. But paypal is not working on Turkey. So i want buy it with credit card. How can i do that?

    • mythemes

      Sorry, but we don't have sales support for debit or credit cards.

  33. Chris

    Is only the premium version responsive?

    • mythemes

      Free version and Premium version are responsive and are builded with bootstrap framework.

  34. ZoK

    How to remove from this theme date, author and category of the front page.

    • mythemes


      You can go to Admin Dashboard > > Blog
      Boxes Classic or Grid.

      Also for more details and custom css support please contact us through our contact form.

  35. Joe Fioti

    HELP!!! I don't know how to get rid of the white bar and text right below the header image that explains some of the features of the theme. Please help me.

    • mythemes

      Please contact us through our contact form.

  36. Tony Marciante

    Hi, how many site i can make whit one license? Thanks

    • mythemes

      You can use this theme for unlimited number of websites

  37. Cyril

    Hi, I am using the free version at the moment. The theme is quite good. I wanted to know how to disable the comment section for the posts. I have unchecked the option in wordpress settings, but the comment box still appears. can we disable that?

    • Serge

      Contact us via our contact form and please provide an url and a screenshot of the option that you uncheck because we did not encounter such an issue.

  38. AB

    Hi, I am using the premium versión 0.0.20. How can I upgrade to 0.0.24? Thanks

    • Serge

      Hello, remove the old version, download the new file and install.

  39. DalaiGroup

    Hello, I'm new to this premium theme.
    I'm having trouble understanding the best way to change the margin size for our web pages. Most of them look like this: We have experimented with sidebars and I can't seem to get them back to the original size. Where is the best place to go in the theme? Is there code I should check?

    • Serge

      We have two options for setting up layouts, one of them is a General option for all page layouts by default which you can find in the customizer and the second is in Edit Page "Layout" Box where you overwrite the general page setting in case you need a custom look for a specific page.
      Have a nice day.

  40. DalaiGroup

    I'm also having problems with a large gap between the header image and the content on my page. You can see the significant amount of blank space, here: I can see at the page level, that there is a default setting of 70px between the two. I don't want to disable the blank space, but I'd like to customize it to a smaller top-space size. What are my options?

    • Serge

      Hello, thank you for puchasing our Cannyon Premium theme.
      Here you have a custom solution using a custom css code. To insert the code you have to go to Admin Dashboard > Customize > Appearance > Additional CSS

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