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    when I put a Text with two columns in the second front page sidebar the text under is not symetric to the first and third page sidebar.
    So can I change the size of the text in the header of the second page sidebar or is there a other solution?




    So if you can to give me the url to your website then I can help you to make the text to be symmetric.



    yes here is it: http://20062015.apps-1and1.net/

    on this site I also have a problem that the logos are not symmetric… http://20062015.apps-1and1.net/referenzen



    for : http://20062015.apps-1and1.net/

    go to Admin Dashboard > myThem.es > Others Settings field “Add custom css”
    please use the code:

    aside.mythemes-header-items div.header-item div.widget h3,
    aside.mythemes-header-items div.header-item div.widget_text h3{
    font-size: 15px;
    min-height: 48px;

    and also add the same number of “enter space” after each widget content.

    for: http://20062015.apps-1and1.net/referenzen

    use the code:

    .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell div.widget.widget_text .panel-widget-style,
    .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell div.widget.widget_text div.textwidget{
    padding: 0px !important;
    text-align: center !important;
    .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell div.widget.widget_text#panel-1407-0-0-0 img{
        margin-top: 30px !important;
    .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell div.widget.widget_text#panel-1407-0-1-0 img{
        margin-top: 38px !important;
    .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell div.widget.widget_text#panel-1407-0-2-0 img{
        height: 120px !important;


    Thanks a lot for the fast Feedback!
    The first thing work, but the second not complete.

    Can I also rewrite the text in the search form “type here”?



    So, about second code.

    You have modified the content of the page and now the code is no longer functional.

    Can you contact me from our contact form and please give me the admin access to your website. And I will change the content. I want to add some special classe to images.

    Now I can’t provide a functional code because in your content you have elements with dynamic ID and it isn’t possible to attach a functional code to this elements.

    About “search form” keywords “type here” – is need to edit the file verbo-premium/searchform.php line 4 ( it appears 3 times on this line ).



    Ok great, I already send you the message. It would be great if you also could change the Value “type here”

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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