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    I upgraded from Treason Free to Premium. When I did that all of my customizations were lost. I had to redo everything.

    When I first installed Treason, the fly effect appeared to work. Now somehow it’s not working, so I disabled it in the console. Any ideas how or why it stopped working. How can I get it working again?

    I noticed in the free version of the template, sometimes the header image, when reloading the page wouldn’t resize the image correctly. I still see this issue in the Premium version. It’s like it gets stuck when loading the image. If I refresh the image reloads again with he correct size. Could this be a bug?

    In the free version I was able to remove the “breadcrumb” area “grey” bar under the menu’s that has a house icon and the name of the page you’re on. In the Paid version… I can’t figure out how to remove this feature. Breadcrumbs is turned off. Any Ideas?



    The free and the Premium versions are different themes and the is no option to switch without loosing customizations.
    Thank you for noticing the other issues. We are getting them solved and will provide you a solution in about 24 hours.



    We have fixed the fly effect.
    The header image issue has been fixed in version but we had a problem making it available live. We give you version but if you still have a problem with the image resize please make a screenshot so we can have details.
    Treeson premium has two sections, Appearance Options in Admin Dashboard › Appearance › Customize › Breadcrumbs and the Inside space option and Admin Dashboard › myThemes › General with advanced options where you can find the Breadcrumbs section.

    We will send you an email with link to download the update file.

    There you have an archive with the documentation, the export file, readme and

    Delete the previous theme version and install the downloaded one.
    Don’t worry about loosing setting because there is no data loss on updating to a new version.

    Sorry for the delay. We are humans too.
    Have a nice day.



    Can I upgrade to version without loosing my customizations? The only way I’d be able to show you the issue easily is via a video capture. I think that makes a little more sense. I can arrange that if it’s still an issue.


    I didn’t activate the twenty seventeen before I installed treason. However, I mayhave some time ago. Does this matter and why does your instructions require this?



    The Breadcrumb issue still exists. You can’t disable it in the admin dashboard.



    Could please use our Contact Form and provide more details like your url and screenshots.



    I’m building the site on my local machine at the moment. I can upload it to my personal domain this weekend so that you can take a look.



    I upgraded from the free v 0.1.16 to v 10.0.21 because the preview video showed the same header element I got the theme for: the site title and tagline being IN the header image along with the 1 and 2 dedicated buttons. Those are gone and I see no way to get them back. If anything there’s less ability to customize this theme. The two versions are called the same thing and the preview video wrongly gives the impression it’s the same theme with more customization. Unless there’s a way to get those elements back, I want a refund.



    Treeson is an elegant, modern and beautiful free WordPress theme built with HTML5 and CSS3. Theme comes with nice flat design concept and responsive layout.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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