The First Update Of Geometry Dash After Four Years

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    On August 14th, a sneak peek for Geometry Dash’s Update 2.2 will be released, bringing the game closer to its first new content since 2017.
    Geometry Dash, a music-based platformer that has been popular since the early 2010s, is about to get a fresh update from developer RobTop for the first time in four years. Many gamers complained early this year that they were waiting the longest time in the game’s history for a new update. The update has now been formally announced, and a trailer has been released for it.

    In 2013, Geometry Dash was released for mobile devices. It celebrated its eighth anniversary on August 13th. The game’s precise, skilled movement made it a hard entry in the runner genre, which had been popularized in earlier years by games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run. Infinite runners were given a more thematic twist in Geometry Dash. With a neon graphic style and a catchy electronic music, it received positive critical acclaim upon its initial release and drew in a large number of challenge runners. The game’s popularity was boosted by the introduction of user-generated levels, and it’s remained a top example of the finest rhythm games for beginners, particularly on smartphones.

    Until today, as creator RobTop Games stated on Twitter and Reddit user ElHadouken pointed out, Geometry Dash had not received an update since 2017. The current version of the game is Update 2.1, which was released in January of that year. The impending version is simply called as Update 2.2, and a preview video for it debuted on RobTop Games’ YouTube account on August 14th at 4:00 PM EST. It demonstrates new level components and mechanics that fans may expect to see when the entire update is released.

    On YouTube, you can see RobTopGames’ preview of Geometry Dash Update 2.2.

    Surprisingly, the premiere isn’t the only trailer for 2.2 available on RobTop. The RobTopGames YouTube channel has already revealed several of the anticipated features for the next version. The game’s development plans have been public since late 2017, when a video was released announcing the addition of random obstacle triggers to the game. RobTop has also promised new camera controls, a “Free Fly Mode,” a platformer mode akin to Super Mario Bros., and a few level editor improvements. All of them have something to do with the recent update.
    While the announcement is exciting, much of the social media reaction has been critical of the long wait supporters have endured since 2.1. When Geometry Dash’s updates were more frequent and consistent, it naturally cultivated a more active community. The wait will likely come to an end shortly now that new content has been confirmed to be on the way, and players will be able to enjoy brand-new adventures in the rhythmic runner.

    Geometry Dash is available on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac right now.

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