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    I’m probably missing something very simple but I have looked everywhere within the theme and also tried to looked online for any kind of tutorials on the Gardener theme but there is nothing out there.

    Basically I would love to have the sections similar to your demo version (Some of our Services, Our works Gallery, Contact us for Landscaping, What People say).

    I have no clue how to add theme, I’ve looked over and over through all the sections. The only thing I came across was Additional > Gallery Style [ Tempo ] but nothing to say how I add it.

    Is there anyone that can help me out or point me in the direction of some sort of theme tutorial? Any help appreciated as I’ve been testing it out all day.



    Hello, please use the contact form and provide some details to create a ticket. We will help you with customization instructions. In case you reply later we will make a post on how to import our demo content and customize the theme to look like out demo. Then you will change the content the way you like.



    First of all make sure you WordPress instance is clean and you have our theme installed and also install Contact Form 7 Plugin if you want to make a contact form like on our home page.

    ### Download and Extract the

    ### Import Default Content:

    – From Admin Dashboard > Tools > Import section select WordPress method
    In case you do not have the WordPress Importer installed you will be prompted to install and then activate it.
    – Press the Choose File button and select the export-file.xml file to import.
    – Press Upload file and import
    – Check Download and import file attachments option and click the Submit button
    – After Clicking the Submit button wait for a few minutes to download and import all data
    Depending on the configuration you can get an error if it lasts longer thatn usual but the content will be imported. You will anyway change the images so it is not a big problem.

    ### Setup Home as Static Front Page and Blog as Posts Page

    ### Paste the front-page.txt content
    Sometimes not all the classes are imported and in case you see a big difference between just copy-paste the content of the front-page.txt in “Text” Editor mode. then you can switch to “Visual” and edit the content.

    ### Create a contact form and paste the code from contact-front.txt
    Then change the shortcode on the front page with yours.

    ### Select Widgets to be shown
    In Customize > Widgets select the Widgets you want to be shown in the Front Page Header and Footer light Side Section

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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