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    If you will look to the screenshot from link below you can see some additional elements . The elements are marked with the pink border. All this elements became just with plugin Zeon.

    In the marked elements you can see the box Custom Header and you can choose one of custom header Type.

    1. Default – it is the default website header ( from Appearance › Customize › Header Image ). It is the header image and the header image is need to be enabled for Single Pages from Appearance › Customizing › Header Elements › General

    2. Sample Image, Hero Image, Portfolio – set on the header page a image ( Featured Image / Page Thumbnail ). This allow you set a custom and unique image for this page. Used image is the page thumbnail from the box Featured Image. These 3 options allow you to set a header with different view. The options Hero Image and Portfolio use and additional element, the mask. The mask is a dark foil over the image and this dark foil can be customized from Appearance › Customize › Header Elements › Appearance. This mask allow you to make a good contrast between light images and white text over the image ( only for the current page / post ).

    3. Video – insert a responsive video instead of header image ( only for the current page / post insert a video from youtube, vimeo or self hosted )

    4. Audio – it is like Hero Image and Portfolio with music player and song details ( only for the current page / post ).

    5. Google Map – allow you insert a goole map instead of the header image ( only for the current page / post ).

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