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    Hi there,

    I’m using Verbo and I have a menu with multiple sub-items for a given category.

    Some sub-items are available in both languages, Portuguese and English. However we have different items for different languages, for example, we have some services available only for Portuguese speakers and not English speakers.

    The problem is that when I create one sub-item for the menu, lets say “Courses”, that should be available only in Portuguese, and it automatically adds a sub-item for the menu in english version of the website too.

    It adds the code: <!–:pt–>UX-PM Certificação<!–:–> in the sub-item field. If I don’t put the tags for english, or if I leave them blank, like “<!–:en–><!–:–>” a sub-item in the english menu still appears this way: “(Portuguese) Item title”.

    How do I add a sub item to be shown only in one language and not in the other? For example, for Portuguese I want a Parent category to have 6 child sub-items, and in english as it have less content, it would appear 5 child sub-items.

    You can check our website to better understand:
    I want to get rid of the last item under “Services” category. “(Portugues) UX-PM Certificacao”.

    WordPress 4.0.10
    Verbo Premium Version: 0.0.6

    I know that I don’t have the latest version for WordPress and Verbo, but I don’t want risk all the changes we did in the code if an update will not solve the problem.

    Thank you! Mike.



    Actually the update not solve the problem and this is not a problem but a special use case. And this use case is not included by developer of multi languages plugin.

    You use a multi languages plugin with verbo !

    I think is need to contact the plugin developer !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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