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    First of all I loved your theme! Its simple dark and looks very nice.

    Thanks for this wonderful theme. This was exactly the type of theme I had been looking for

    Now I have 4 queries regarding this. I am newbies in creating website, so please bear with me. I tried to fix most of the things by seeing previous topics and finally couldn’t resolve these 4 things. It would be wonderful if I could get help from you guys.

    1. The body looks too small and the space to the left and right is way too much. I want to increase the width of the center body and keep the space in the left and the right to a minimum. How do I edit it?

    2. The Title of the Webpage is left Aligned, I want it to be at the center and in Bold.

    3. I have made category pages, but my pages seem to show full posts. I want it to show just the summary of the post with the read more option.

    4. The post title is not justified. [If you go to chosen 11 category page Sequel is showing in 2 lines (Se-Quel)]
    This is the link to my webpage



    I am affected by the title shown in capital letters. I want non-capital letters.



    Thanks for this , I loved it.



    Thanks for this wonderful theme.I really like it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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