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    Levelhead is the perfect combination of Super Mario Maker 2 and Geometry Dash because you can both be creative and still experience every unique Level from other players.

    Levelhead is a Platform Maker – a game design tool for amateurs, with the ability to design retro scenes with pixel graphics style depending on creativity and imagination without requiring any skill. ability to write code. It can be easily understood that, at Levelhead, you can design arbitrary Levels and create challenging tables through the Level editor system with an entire community of players!

    Developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans and released on April 30, 2020, on Steam (Windows), Xbox One, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, Google Play, Google Play Pass, App Store, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Store… Levelhead has become the only game in history to launch on all these platforms simultaneously. In addition, Levelhead also owns a system that supports 12 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, German, French, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and South Korea. It can be said that all of the above factors aim to make Levelhead a perfect connection point between gaming communities from all regions around the world!

    As the sequel to Crashlands – the core game of Butterscotch Shenanigans before, you will be playing the role of a super robot that transports orders in the vast universe called G-18. Despite its claim to be the perfect delivery robot, it turned out that the GR-18 was too silly when it was first produced and it couldn’t complete basic delivery tasks. With that, the Levelhead division was created and the Space Transport Department hired a new wave of employees known as “Levelheads”. Their job is to build LEVELs to train their GR-18 to prepare for realistic delivery scenarios in all likelihood.

    Before that, players will experience 93 basic training courses first to get an overview of the features and tools that they can program for their Level. After that, you can confidently create Levels with hundreds of items such as Enemies, Paths, Programmable Switches, Weather, Music… You can even build an adventure experience. long, a puzzle game, a pinball machine, a full level, a quick challenge, a paced slingshot… The only limit is your imagination for Levelhead!

    Finally, to honor the best game creators, you can enter the points goal every day to update and try out the amazing Levels others have created. These Levels stand out because they receive many reviews and likes after being shared with the community. Here, the indicators of time, points, attempts, deaths … will be noted and summed up for players to see the difficulty that this Level brings. The more people playing your Level, the more popular you become and the more chances you have of appearing on the leaderboard. Similar to getting more points at difficult Levels, your reputation will also increase!

    Since its launch until now, Levelhead has always been an exciting craze for gamers to try and experience. Try to create your own levels and conquer all the monstrous ideas around the world to see how high your level is.

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