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    Hi, when I added widgets to the sidebar the title for “Categories” overlaps the magnifying glass under the Search box. I also want to make the entire body wider in general so that my sentences can go for longer thus making the entries look shorter.

    How do I make the body wider?

    Thanks in advance!



    firstly i don’t understand what is problem with title. If you can give me a screenshot or url demo.

    Second: is very tricky to enlarge content body.

    but i get you some notes:

    1. unzip archive:
    2. look: my-white/wf/layout.class.php
    3. go to line 57

    you have anythink like this:

    $this -> contentClass = 'template medium to-' . $layout;

    and replace with:

    $this -> contentClass = 'template large to-' . $layout;

    and replace $this -> width = 630;

    with $this -> width = 720;

    now go to line 70 ( some file layout.class.php )

    echo '<aside class="large to-' . $this -> layout . '">';

    and replace it with:

    echo '<aside class="small to-' . $this -> layout . '">';

    first is possible to use only templates: content length 720px or 630px

    second for template with content length 720px miss css rules for widgets

    to customize your css rules for widgets look my-white/media/css/widget.css


    Hi, thank you for answering so quickly. Here is our blog address:

    I applied the changes you suggested, but the problem is still there. Please look on the right hand column how the word “Categories” overlaps the magnifying glass image of the search box.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!



    Man i say you if you will add changes ( with layout ) on your theme, your theme don’t have css rules for sidebar ( right columns ) because right column is with css rules for 300px sidebar.



    Categories overlaps the search icon because search box was designed for more large sidebar. ( on other widgets may be the same problem ). Layout was designed for content with length 630 px and sidebar – 300 px. now you are changed content to 720 px and sidebar to 220px. You need to do changes for all rules from css file my-white/media/widget.css to fix this issues. Understand ?



    I not understand because you want enlarge content ?


    Hi, actually the overlapping was happening before I made any of the changes you suggested. It happened as soon as I added the widget in the sidebar.

    I thought it was the zoom on my browser, but it isn’t. If it helps, I’m using a Mac/Chrome.


    I went back to the original specs that came with the template. I’ll leave it as you designed it :D. Thanks for trying to help.

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