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    how do I get the premium version installed???
    paid for the premium, installed the plugin but still have the free version…



    We extend our free theme via a plug-in because this is a safe way of upgrading to a Premium version without losing data or having to recustomize your site.
    The Zeon plug-in once activated provides multiple customization options that you have seen on the Premium Item page.
    The Options are available via the Customizer as well as when editing specific pages and posts.



    I have the same problem as bennyball. Answer by Serge does not provide solution.



    To use the Premium version you have to:

    1. Get the purchased product by clicking the “Download” button on the right sidebar.
    2. Check for free version of theme or install the Cronus free WordPress Theme and update if needed. Update Tempo and all Tempo Child Themes in your case Cronus. Cronus is a child theme of Tempo.
    3. In Admin Dashboard › Plugins Select “Add New”
    4. Install the downloaded plug-in zeon-[ver].zip and activate it. We use a plugin so you do not lose data or customizations on upgrade in case you previously tried our free version.
    5. Start using extended features with the Premium version.
    6. Also you can use the purchased plug-in to extend Tempo and Tempo child themes.


    to mythemes:

    1- I have been using the free GARDENER version
    2- I’ve just upgraded
    >>> Of course, the installation failed
    3- If I install the free ver of CRONUS as you suggest above… I’m afraid I’ll lose all I’ve done
    4- Then you want me to update Tempo Child themes?
    5- Where is Gardener in all of these?
    6- Very complicated! I wish I didn’t like GARDENER as much as I do, and worst yet… my customer loves the Theme and now I’m stuck with this
    huge issue with a dateline for my customer.

    Hope someone will help me ASAP… Thanks anyway – sorry but I’m very frustrated!



    Hi Irmita,

    I reply to your message here:

    The message above is not for you.

    Also, you can go back to your previous configs and design.

    Just activate back the theme Gardener and after this please follow steps from this last topic:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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