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    I’m using the plugin WPGlobus to translate my website, and I noticed that after the translation some elements doesn’t show the translated text, but the raw code. For example: the headline and the description on the main header.
    On the preview it looks ok (see first screenshot), but on the live page, after publishing, I see the raw code (second screenshot).

    Your advice and assistance will be appreciated.


    Preview - looks good!

    Live page- looks not so good... ):



    This theme not has support for the plugin WPGlobus



    Thank you for telling me what I already know… (:
    I know it’s not fully supported, that’s why I approached you, to see if there’s a solution or if you could recommend another ML plugin, that is supported. But I guess there isn’t.
    It looks like I’m gonna need to use a different theme. Too bad – I thought of buying the premium version, hoping it does support ML plugins, but I guess I won’t.




    Only premium version comes with support for multi languages ( with the plugin qTranslate – X ) see more details about this, on the our demo and on the our theme description.

    PS: In previous ticket I specified the theme ( free version ) not has support for WPGlobus and for this reason I can’t provide assistance.

    PS: If you do not suit the answer then you must formulate the question more precisely.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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