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    Where do I change color on the text on the first, second and third headerwidget on the frontpaige?
    And where do i disable the breadcrums? In the free version you could just click to take it away… how do I do in the premium version?





    To change the text color for header widget is need to use custom css.
    Custom CSS option: Admin Dashboard › › Others

    widget title:

    div.mythemes-header-front-page-sidebars aside div.header-front-page-sidebar div.widget h3,
    div.mythemes-header-front-page-sidebars aside div.header-front-page-sidebar div.widget.widget_text h3{
        color: #666666;

    widget description

    div.mythemes-header-front-page-sidebars aside div.header-front-page-sidebar div.widget.widget_text div.textwidget,
    div.mythemes-header-front-page-sidebars aside div.header-front-page-sidebar div.widget.widget_text div.textwidget p{
        color: #cdcdcd;

    just put the code to Custom CSS text area.

    About Colors:

    In premium version you can customize multiple color from live preview.

    go to: Admin Dashboard › Appearance › Customize

    here explore panels and sub panels:

    1. Site Identity Appearance: Title and Tagline Colors ( also other appearance options )
    2. Site Colors: General First and Second Colors
    3. Topper Menu: Here are multiple sub panels and here you can customize menu, sub menu, menu items, submenu items, delimiters and others ( full appearance customizations for menu and sub menu )
    4. Contact Info and Languages: here you can customize second header tools bar ( full appearance customizations )
    5. Header Elements: here you can customize all header elements: Header Headline, Header Description and Buttons ( full appearance customizations )
    6. Breadcrumbs – appearance customizations
    7. Footer – here you can customize each foote section: colors, space, background image, opacity and other ( full appearance customizations )

    Advanced Settings:

    go to: Admin Dashboards ›

    Here you can see:

    1. General – options for: Quick contact Info, Breadcrumbs, Additional Options, Comments Options
    2. Header – options for:
    – General: enable and disable header for different templates, embed youtube video on the header instead of header image
    – Content: Header Headline Label and URL, Header Description Label and URL
    – Buttons: Label, Description, URL and Target
    3. Blog
    – General Blog Options
    – Single Post Options
    – Classic View Options
    – Grid View Options
    – Single Related Posts Options
    4. Layouts: Default Layout and Layout Size, Post Layout and Layout Size, Page Layout and Layout Size, Front Page Layout and Layout Size
    5. Custom Sidebars – here you can create your custom sidebars and use it for different resources. You can customize layout for specific post/page with a individual custom sidebar.
    6. Social – here you can customize your social items ( footer and header social items )
    7. Footer – copyright
    8. Others – Custom CSS, Additional JavaScript ( google tracking code ) and others




    Thank you for all help! =)

    Where do I change color and text on buttons on blogpoasts, and color on headlines on blogpoasts?

    Have a nice day!



    You can’t to do this from theme options. You need custom css !



    I’m not shour I understand… do you say I can’t do that?
    Or can you explain please




    First of all please give me a url to your website.
    Also will be ver good if you can provide some screenshots and mark with a red border the elements you want to modify.

    I can’t provide you a solution without debugging.

    PS: Please use correct the forum. If you need support for premium version go to premium version side.

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