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    Mozilla Firefox is amongst the best PC as well as Smartphone browsers now. The app comes with amazing browsing features that the internet surfers use today. Firefox is privacy-focused and amongst the fastest Android and PC browsers available out there. Just like Firefox’s add-ons works in its PC version, there are six best of its add-ons that work in Android devices too. Here’s the list of 6 best Firefox add-ons for your Android smartphone and tablet.

    1. Adblock Plus

    Internet users are well aware of those irritating ads that continuously pop up on the screen. Firefox features Adblock Plus which dramatically block the annoying ads you see while browsing. And the same goes with its PC version where users face loads of these ads. The feature works as a time saver for users who spent a huge amount of time browsing.

    2. Tap Translate

    You often see paragraphs and words written in unfamiliar languages while browsing. Firefox avails this amazing feature to its users by converting selected sentences and words into their native language. This add-on is quite useful for the users to understand the meaning of words by simply translating them fully.

    3. Dark Reader

    Mozilla Firefox browser offers Dark Theme mode which allows users to read and watch from their smartphone screen comfortably even in the night. The feature turns the webpage dark, which helps you to remove the screen’s brightness. The add-on helps users to read and browse comfortably. The feature only turns the screen into the dark mode and does not affect images and videos by which users see the actual color of the pictures and videos.

    4. Ghostery

    This add-on gives you complete satisfaction if you have a privacy issue while browsing. The feature enhances your online privacy and efficiently blocks every threat and detected malicious script. Mozilla’s add-on provides privacy protection and keeps your browsing private and secure. It saves you from online threats and trackers with not so good intentions.

    5. Undo Closed Tabs

    While browsing, many of us accidentally close all the tabs. Whether it’s an email page or any important stuff on which you are working on, the feature allows you to restore the closed tabs in a single tap on the screen. It prevents you from the loss of important data online. Undo closed tabs feature proved quite useful and essential among internet browsers, which dramatically saves them from the loss of data.

    6. Video Background Play Fix

    It is a great add-on if you are one of the music and movie lovers. The feature is for those who love playing music in the background while working. It enables you to play any video from platforms such as Youtube in your phone’s background. Users can do multitasking by leaving the music playing in the background.

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