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This is a free theme. It is a white theme that includes several features: custom menu, custom background, custom templates, custom headers and more. The themes developed in the future will include similar features.

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  1. marc antoine

    I put my base theme on my wp, but it does'nt work :
    on a white screen is written :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_template_part() in /homepages/15/d249860757/htdocs/artsanduses/wp-content/themes/my-base 2/functions.php on line 2

    What do I do?


    • Alex

      what version of wordpress use? Try doing an update to wordpress !
      Function get_template_part() is implemented from version 3.0

  2. Nathan Buchanan

    I want to remove the Home tab from the main menu. (pointing front to static page) But I can't seem to find the code that calls for the Home Tab. It doesn't look like it exists for some reason.
    I found this code in the theme zip which I downloaded but the main.php file looks totaly different when it is installed:

    if( is_home() ){
    $home = '';
    $home .= ''.get_home_label().'';
    $home .= '';

    • Joe


      Where you able to remove the home tab? I cant find the file or line 33 of the code that matches what Alex said.


  3. alex

    for remove home tab menu, you do remove line 33 from resources/lib/template/menu/main.php
    this line is like this code :

    $menu .= $home;

    • Joe


      Main.php doesnt have 33 lines. I also need to remove the home button. Any ideas?


  4. Tres

    Using the Custom Header option through the WordPress dashboard, setting Header Text: Display Text to "No" doesn't seem to function correctly. It previews correctly on the dashboard (i.e. the text doesn't appear), but the header text still appears in the site header when actually viewing the site regardless of which option is selected.

    Is there a quick fix I can make to the code so that this option functions correctly?

    • JD

      I had the same problem. I am a complete novice, but in the CSS Editor (header.php), I changed the following from:


      This has removed the text from the header for me, so I can only see the custom image.

  5. Francesco

    ciao capisci l'italiano?
    ok traduco anche in inglese ma lo faccio con google e quindi non so se sia corretto...
    complimenti per il template my base molto bello
    ho un problema però non riesco a sistemare "name email webstite" nel form commenti
    vedi qui:
    ho provato a vedere il codice ma non c'è verso di far allineare diversamente quelle voci
    sarebbe bello che fossero magari come il form che sto utilizzando per scriverti...
    mi sai aiutare per favore?


    hello you understand Italian?
    ok translate into English but I do it with google and then I do not know whether it is correct ...
    congratulations on the basis of my very nice template
    I have a problem but I can not fix "webstie email name" in the feedback form
    see here:
    I tried to see the code, but there's no way to bring different voices
    would be nice if maybe they were like the form I'm using to write ...
    I know help please?


  6. Will

    Very clean, functional theme. Working well in WP 3.0 to 3.1

  7. yang

    i inserted a plugin called" my page order", but doesn't work, how to change my pages order? thanks.

  8. totti

    Same here... I can't order my pages and the subpages are coming out as post and not as page...

    any idea how to fix it?


  9. alex

    I did not really understand what you say. Get link pls ;)

  10. jobin

    Dear Alex,

    First, let me thank you for this great theme.
    Some of the functionalities you've included (e.g. sidebar customization etc.) are hard to find elsewhere and extremely helpful.

    However, there are a few minor issues you might be able to help me with:
    1) I have also noticed that the plugin "my page order" - - (which has worked well with other themes I've tried) doesn't seem to work with My Base. (That said: I have managed to bypass this by using the "Appearance/Menus" function provided by WordPress - maybe this works for others, too?!)

    2) The comments of a same day don't seem to be in the correct chronological order, for instance here:
    Do you have any idea why, and would it be possible to fix this?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and efforts.

  11. Pino

    Thank you for an efficient & minimalistic theme. One question - on the facebook link, when I put in my facebook page name 'lansmithdotcom' (without the quotes), it gives an error as the page it is trying to pull up is

    • husanu

      for facebook personal page, use the link like this :
      for example, on, look like this :
      173589432658411 - personal code of facebook page

      to identify this link go on your facebook page and copy url ;)
      more about read here

      if you do not succeed, write me

      • Pino

        Yup that worked! Great! Thank you for your help...

  12. Tiisetso

    on the header, i want to remove the site title and tagline without deleting the them on the general setting in the dashboard

  13. Alex

    it will be possible in next release. and all themes will be redisegned (960 grid system ). and for all we add new features

  14. Alex

    first release will be in 2 weeks, for my-white theme. next release will be in 1 week, for my-engine theme

  15. milos

    Hello, I'm having difficulties with assigning new header image size.

    I found css resposnsible for header size, i need height about 200px. I changed the css code but in upload section it still says 950x104px and forces me to crop the uploaded picture.

    How to solve this?

    • Alex

      find file settings.php and change line

      18 - define('HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH', 950);
      19 - define('HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT', 104);

  16. Katja


    Thank you for the great team. I have a couple small problems though.

    When I use widgets on the narrow sidebars there's no space between the widgets. How can I fix this?

    Other problem is with if I use the Twitter widget in the narrow sidebar, @ hops onto a different row.

    • Alex

      not sure the theme will work with all plugins, but if you give me a link to watch, maybe I can help you.

      • Katja

        Sure, the website:

        It's the normal blogroll plugin that comes with WP, so not something added. Would be lovely to have a space between the different link lists.

        The Twitter app is the one that came with jetpack. I've moved it for now to the problematic spot.

        As you can see the problem also plagues the native archieve plugin.

        • Alexandru

          problem is in CSS, maybe exist conflict, basic CSS VS plungins CSS. try to disable plugins one by one to identify because of who is the problem.

  17. Katja

    The hopping @ is a problem with every twitter application there is so I guess it's just not compatible with any of them if you want to use it in the narrow column. Even if I have others disabled.

    Thank you anyway. It's a nice theme, but I guess I can't use it.

  18. Alexandru

    Thank you, come anyway, soon will be new versions totally different, and will with twitter widghet ;) .

  19. nicnack

    Hi - I am using the my base theme which is great but the 'on' state css and the sub nav functionality don't work. Can you please let me know what I need to do? thanks!!

  20. DC

    I want to remove my header can i do that? please suggest me

  21. paula

    hi, I'm trying to order my menu and sub-pages but the order_page is not working. Do you know how I can fix it? Thank you so much

    • dorianjames

      I'm having problems with the page order as well. I don't want it to be in alpabetical order because my contact page comes before my home page due to it being alphabetical. Has anyone found a fix for this?

      • mythemes

        if you don't have a menu defined, will be displayed pages in alphabetical order.

        to fix this, you must define a menu (Appearance->Menus) and make there all your changes.

        an exemple here:

  22. Annete


    Your "my base" theme was installed by a techie. It has a problem where it duplicates all posts, over and over. How can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance

  23. Joe

    Great Theme!!! It is exactly what I have been looking for.

    Is there any way to eliminate the >> >> from the page titles?

    Other than that I have had no difficulties from this theme, it has been a great minimalist theme and again, Thank You. sometime the simplicity is all that is needed.


    • Alex

      header line 6 :



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